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CocoBaba by Emma Heming Willis

Expecting Love

Whether you’re pregnant for the first time, or already a mother expecting another baby, the whole experience is punctuated by an extra surge of joyful anticipation and love. That said, especially if it’s our first, we also wonder what it will be like to be responsible for a baby, and what crazy changes our bodies will go through! The good news is there are things we can do to prepare, from going to classes to pre-empting the onset of side effects such as stretch marks.

Through the special CocoBaba formula based on natural coconut oil, the body will get a boost to regain its elasticity and help prevent by regular application during the pregnancy period.

Created to offer the feeling of wonderfully silky and creamy skin to expectant mothers as well as all women alike, CocoBaba with its 100 % natural anti-stretch formula is a trusty companion to have during a very exciting time.


Coconut Body Oil

The CocoBaba Body Oil is rich in essentials found in our natural coconut oil. It visibly softens the appearance of existing stretch marks and helps prevent them from developing if used regularly. At the same time, the skin is protected long-term against dehydration and helps preserve the elasticity of the skin.

The lightly scented body oil is absorbed very quickly and leaves the skin feeling soft and supple.

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Coconut Body Butter Mousse

The CocoBaba Body Butter Mousse provides intense and long-lasting moisture and prevents itching from dry skin. It also visibly softens the appearance of existing stretch marks and helps prevent their development.

The body butter mousse is quickly absorbed leaving the skin noticeably more resilient. The special-cooling ingredient leaves the skin feeling fresh all day.

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Coconut Oil Scrub

The CocoBaba Oil Scrub made with coconut shell exfoliating particles, gently frees the skin of impurities and excess skin cells. The wonderfully creamy and lightly scented texture pampers the skin while giving it additional luster and more elasticity. The oil-based scrub prepares the skin prior to the application of subsequent treatment regimens using our other CocoBaba products.

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