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With more than 20 years of experience in the beauty and fashion industry I had already tried and used a lot of products – maybe you could call me a cosmetic junkie, one who loves a beauty routine.

However, when I became pregnant, I found that in this joyful yet sensitive time in my life many of these products didn’t meet my expectations and I felt the need to return back to the basics—coconut oil. At my local supermarket I went directly to the oil and vinegar section and grabbed a jar of an old family favorite.

My mother used the coconut oil from cooking, in our hair and especially on our skin.  I can even recall my grandmother waxing her wood table with it! Coconut oil was simply a part of our life;  its healing and soothing effects are well-known and the oil proved itself at every opportunity as a natural all-rounder.

I started using coconut oil on my growing belly while formulating the concept of CocoBaba in my head.  I realized there needed to be a body care line for expectant mothers and women who not only loved a skincare routine but wanted to say good-bye to harmful ingredients. Why couldn’t we have it all? Why couldn’t there be beauty products made with conscious ingredients that were safe and effective against stretch marks?

When I used coconut oil during my pregnancies, I was sure that I was doing my body good but what I wasn’t prepared for were the remarkable results! It nurtured my skin and brought me through two pregnancies stretch-mark free. And for a woman who is prone to stretch marks, I was floored. But to continue to buy my beauty secret off the grocery shelf in the oil and vinegar section while dipping my hand continually in a jar was not appealing to me anymore. I love a beauty routine and didn’t want to give that up, so I talked to experts mainly about the use, effectiveness and safety of coconut oil.  The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and so I fell in love with the active ingredient coconut oil again.

“Why couldn’t we have it all? Why couldn’t there be beauty products made with conscious ingredients that were safe and effective against stretch marks?”

Emma Heming Willis
Our Promise

From one mother to another

No one can prepare you for the feeling that floods through you when you find out: You’re going to be a mama. No one can prepare you for the thrill of anticipation or the fear of the unknown.

For the cravings, the leg cramps or surprising mood swings. For the worry, the waiting and the adrenaline when it’s finally time. No one can prepare you for the moment when the pain becomes pure bliss as you hold your newborn baby against your beating heart and realize your whole world is about to change.

No one can prepare you for the emotional ride that is motherhood. But you can prepare your body for the journey. CocoBaba is a gift from one mother to another; an offering of wellness, of realness and of healing care. We’re here to be truthful about the struggles of motherhood and to never sugar-coat the hard parts.

We’re here to support you through the worst of it with care and candor, they way only a mother can.

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