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Our Story

Having been in the beauty and fashion industry for more than 20 years, I have tested and used tons of products. You could call me a bit of a product junkie.

It still amazes me how nature has so beautifully designed our bodies to weather all sorts of different experiences. From something like healing after a tiny cut, to preparing us to bear a child, we’re a refined brilliance of engineering. When I became pregnant, nature turned on that spigot of hyper alertness, and with it came a previously dormant awareness of products I was applying to my body as a lotion or moisturizer and I practically gasped at the thought that some of the ingredients found in them could possibly penetrate my skin and affect my baby. My responsibility …

I wanted to go back to the basics. And I did. I went right back to the oil section of the grocery store and picked up an old family favorite—coconut oil.

Me and my second daughter

Coconut oil was a big part of my childhood due to my mom. From cooking, to using it in our hair and on our skin, it was always a part of our lives given its healing and soothing effects.

The idea to create Cocobaba, based on coconut oil, was out of a need to use something natural that whether it seeped into my system or not, would not be worrisome. There needed to be a skincare line for expecting moms and mothers concerned about the safety of the ingredients. And of course, an added benefit of the product I envisioned, would help prevent stretch marks, as well as the overall appearance of their changing skin pre- and post-pregnancy.

Given that I love a beauty routine and still have a passion for beauty products, but the notion of buying them off shelves in the oil and vinegar section of the grocery store was not particularly appealing.

I purchased and tried some of the products that were available, but I didn’t like the ingredients in them, so I stuck to coconut oil. I will tell you that though I am prone to getting stretch marks, by applying coconut oil throughout my pregnancy, I didn’t get a single one. And mind you, my first child Mabel weighed more than 9 lbs/4 kilos!

Even after my pregnancy, I sought skincare lines on the market based on coconut oil but didn’t find anything that included all the elements I wanted to address. I spoke to experts especially about the use, efficacy and safety of coconut oil. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. I fell in love with coconut oil all over again.

My beautiful family

With that, the idea of launching my own brand for moms to be and mothers like me grew and inspired me to seek experts and partners to create an effective, scientifically proven, coconut oil-based skincare line.

I have to admit that the product’s name was far easier to come up with than the actual kick-starting of my coconut oil project. The Baba part of the brand name originates from pet names my husband Bruce and I gave each other years ago, which has now also become nicknames for our kids. And Coco, obviously, comes from the main ingredient in the line, which has seen me through a magical time of my life, twice – being blessed with two wonderful daughters and no stretch marks, may I just add.

During this journey, formulating this company has become such a part of my heart that it is my pleasure to introduce to you “CocoBaba”.