Our Story

With more than 20 years of experience in the beauty and fashion industry I had already tried and used a lot of products – maybe you could call me a cosmetic junkie, one who loves a beauty routine.

However, when I became pregnant, I found that in this joyful yet sensitive time in my life many of these products didn’t meet my expectations and I felt the need to return back to the basics—coconut oil. At my local supermarket I went directly to the oil and vinegar section and grabbed a jar of an old family favorite.

Me and my second daughter

My mother used the coconut oil from cooking, in our hair and especially on our skin. I can even recall my grandmother waxing her wood table with it! Coconut oil was simply a part of our life; its healing and soothing effects are well-known and the oil proved itself at every opportunity as a natural all-rounder.

I started using coconut oil on my growing belly while formulating the concept of ​​CocoBaba in my head. I realized there needed to be a body care line for expectant mothers and women who not only loved a skincare routine but wanted to say good-bye to harmful ingredients. Why couldn’t we have it all? Why couldn’t there be beauty products made with conscious ingredients that were safe and effective against stretch marks.

When I used coconut oil during my pregnancies, I was sure that I was doing my body good but what I wasn’t prepared for were the remarkable results! It nurtured my skin and brought me through two pregnancies stretch-mark free. And for a woman who is prone to stretch marks, I was floored. But to continue to buy my beauty secret off the grocery shelf in the oil and vinegar section while dipping my hand continually in a jar was not appealing to me anymore. I love a beauty routine and didn’t want to give that up, so I talked to experts mainly about the use, effectiveness and safety of coconut oil. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and so I fell in love with the active ingredient coconut oil again.

My beautiful family

I have to admit that the name of the product was much easier to find than the actual start for CocoBaba. “Baba” is a nickname my husband Bruce gave to me years ago. “Coco” is, of course, our main ingredient coconut oil, which has accompanied me through a magical time in my life, twice – blessed with two wonderful daughters and stretch-mark free.

I am delighted to introduce you to “CocoBaba”.